X-men Fiction by little-b

X-Men fanfiction written by a fangirl with an unfortunate interest in classic Claremont. And a certain Quebequois speedster.

Some of my abandonned works in progress have been moved to The Boneyard

Nothing here is rated NC-17 and very little of it even brushes a R rating

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Spin Kick

Rogue and Wolverine in Japan, after Logan's disasterous nuptials. Ficlet written for Rat_Jam

Once Bitten

Here is my tale of vampirism and the single German trapeeze artist. Except, he probably isn't going to stay single all that long, since fate has drawn him back to the mansion, back to Logan, back to his truest friend. And can he save Kurt from the darkness in his soul?

An AU by a continuity fan and canon goddess, very firmly placed after the events of Uncanny X-men 159, where Ororo/Storm became the vampiric thrall of the arch vampire, and again in Uncanny X-men Annual 6 but before Secret War or the Mutant Massacre.

This is Kurt/Logan of the slow and gentle school of slash.

Once Bitten

Lying there in the dark, Logan’s mind went back to that day. The day Kurt Wagner died. Actually, “went back” was the wrong way to say it, because he’s never really left.

Twice Shy

Sure, he was still Elf, but something had gone, been stolen in mildewed darkness. And there was the rub, he was still Kurt, sweet natured Kurt Wagner, with blood upon his fingers; no, forget the blood, the blood doesn’t matter.

Roses Mixed With Blood

We are her children, darkness's children, no, not children, slaves. Snatched away from the sun, and made prisoners in shadows.

The Drowning Men

PG-13 7100 words.
Kurt’s not sure that’s better anymore; he thought it was, but now... Maybe the blood’s been doing strange things to his brain. He’s not sure how his brain’s working at any rate, he pretty sure loss of circulation causes brain-damage

Lust at Second Sight

PG-13 760 words.
Elizabeth Braddock, on the American leg of her world tour with her boyfriend Peter (at least he calls himself Peter now, they’ve all become angels, angels with dirty hands, dripping with the blood of sacrifices, dripping with her blood, holding up her eyes so that their dark cause of order can see, and she rejoices in it) is dreaming. Or can’t you tell?

Northstar Fiction

Last Thoughts of a Dying Canadian Speedster

If the title doesn't give this away, this a) death!fic and b) a massive spoiler for X-men: The End.

Valentine's Mourning

Why does a woman come to her brother's grave one Valentine's morning? Only to find the one person who knows how her brother died, that strange once-glimpsed boy with the silver hair and frightened eyes.

Valentine's Mourning
I'll Leave in the Mourning
Some Kind Of Heaven
J'habitait en Enfer
Valentine's Morning
Outer Demons
A Love Twisted And A Love Eternal

Sun, Sea, Surf and Sarcasm

Probably the thing I am best known for in the fandom. By rights, it should be in The Boneyard, since I'm unlikely to update it in the foreseeable future, but I'm going to defer to popular opinion this time.

The inaccurately titled Northstar/Iceman romcom. Yes, I said romcom. It's a romantic comedy of errors as Iceman figures out why Northstar keeps saving him from unpleasant deaths and their journey towards an "official" first date with lots of trials, tribulations and dubious aspersions made on Nightcrawler's sexuality.
This file comes in at 100kb, caveat lector.

Matters Of Life And Death
Love and the Nasdaq
Paying Heed
Sex And The Single German Teleporting Pseudo-Demon
If Only Bobby Had Read The National Enquirer…
The Shocking Cliffhanger tbc
In Which Roses Have Thorns
Our Boy From Long Island
Desperately Seeking Kurt
Public Sevice Announcements
Media Darlings
Interview Technique 101

Perfect Day

The sequel to Sun, Surfing And Sarcasm, cute, funny and featuring a drunken celestial being and much boykissage! Northstar/Iceman of course

Happy Homecomings

Another WIP: currently consisting of some atmospheric morning after the night before musings on behalf of Bobby. This follows on from the events of Perfect Day

Happy Homecomings: french translation

Donc on peut lire ce fanfic dans un adaptation française par Altheak. C'est vraiment incroyable! Altheak a dit:

"Ceci est la suite de Perfect Day, du même auteur, mais peut être lue indépendamment. Perfect Day peut être résumée comme un petit-déjeuner au lit (dont il est fait mention dans Happy Homecomings), une remise de cadeaux d’anniversaire suivie par un dîner et de loisirs sous la couette. Oui, c’est une fiction qui parle d’homosexualité masculine (Jean-Paul Beaubier, alias Véga et Bobby Drake, alias Iceberg). Celle-ci est plus calme, cependant – disons plutôt, moins énergique."

New Mutants

Why We Do The Things That We Do

Just before the Fall Of The Mutants, Doug Ramsey, the New Mutant's Cypher, writes a letter to Kitty Pryde explaining about choices and duty and why the New Mutants do what they do.

This contains quasi-spoilers for the New Mutants strand of the Fall Of The Mutants crossover, but if you don't know what the big event was, have you been living under a rock

Call My Name

A little tale of Wolfsbane, set in the early days of the New Mutants. It's all about belonging, yet feeling alone.

Excalibur Fiction

Night Shift

He could never join Scotland Yard like his da, so Pete Wisdom joined Black Air, and found himself in the same professional nastiness

Exiles Fiction

Because for all you know, every hero called Wagner might go on a Crosstime Caper

Five Ways TJ Has Met Her Father and One Way She Hasn't (yet)

Avengers Disassembled / House of M Prelude

Leibe wanda! was hast du noch getan?

Following the Wanda's cataclysmic descent into insanity, and her subsequent disappearance with her father Magneto, Kurt Wagner writes her a letter he will never send. Perhaps, the greatest love is knowing when to let go. Kurt/Wanda



Jean just gets these carvings. Sillyfic(ish).

A Fire in my Blood

A youngster tries to make sure that school's out for ever. It's Pyro, so I think you can guess how, think of it as Pyro: The Prequel

Orpheus Returns

Where did Stacey X go to? She fell. She returned to the underworld, returned to hades, only for her Orpheus to lead her out once again. Stacey/Kurt
This was intended as the prequel/ teaser for a series, which won't get written.


Once upon a time there was a boy named Remy and a girl named Belladonna. An excursion into the territory of "What If?".

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