Leibe wanda! was hast du noch getan?

“Leiber Gott, Wanda. Was hast du getan?

“How could this have happened at all? Was there no one to love you and keep you from the harm that lies within your heart? But no, you have so many who profess to love you, your father, your brother, a sometimes sister and a multitude of friends. Yet, it seems, none in whom you can place your constant trust.

“If only you had let me hold you close, I could have told you of the madness that magic brings. Of a brother more dear to me than my own life stolen by sweet seductive voices crying out murderous half truths into the dark night. I now the price the magician pays. The price in my brother’s case was sanity lost to a rage that placed him beyond comprehension.

“If only you had let me hold you close, I could have told you not to beware the night. That the voices tell not the truth, that the darkness conceals no demons save myself, and what a poor demon I am. But I would not, sweet Wanda, tell you that there is no dark, that demons do not stalk the paths between worlds, that there no evil lays in the minds of men. I would never lie to you, never coddle you, never humour you. You are a student of the Winding Way, that which you learnt from Lady Margali, which makes us kin, if not kind. I know of its legacy, the legacy of whirlwind power and insanity, and I would be your rock, your anchor, the hand that takes yours and guides you through the night.

“If only, I could have told you of a girl. A girl with bright eyes and a smile that sang to my heart, in another world and another time she would have been our daughter, Talia Jane. Her brief visit to our world stirred up old memories almost forgotten. I lie, I had not forgotten at all, merely given up hope and labelled them unrealistic. Once, when my comrades and I voyaged along the Sideral String just as she does with her friends now, we chanced upon her world, a world so different from our own. And there we were old, no, not old merely older and, I would hope, wiser. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I dream of there, of a man and a woman in love, loving each other beyond words, and more, I dream of their infant daughter, the manifestation of their love. We, they, achieved so much in that world of theirs, the field leader of the X-men and the bold general of the Avengers, they held their world together with the…”

But they did not, their love was not eternal and perfect, TJ said her parents were divorced. And you, Kurt Wagner, are a fool, pining for what is not and never could be. A fool, why don’t I just put on the motley and jest? A fool, that’s what I am, that’s what I am thought to be. A fool, you don’t know where she is, where her father took her. Why are you doing this to yourself? But for the memory of one kiss stolen in a world gone mad? She could be anywhere, the Antarctic, the Jungles Of Borneo, a new Asteroid M, Genosha… Ah, “Genosha, Genosha, Promissed Isle, Mutant Utopia.” Magneto was many things, but a lyricist was not one of them. But, Genosha, of course, where else? Asteroid M is gone, the Antarctic Base is gone, a fitting cairn to a fallen comrade, where does that leave but that fair favoured isle, once your father’s domain. Do I tell? Why should I? I am not one to begrudge you the love of your father… and anyway, Herr Professor is there, with Magneto I am not surprised, and soon I am sure you will be well.

And ever ignorant of the love that lies within my heart, sweet Wanda. For truly, there is no other way.

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