Call My Name

Rahne Sinclair was running through the rose garden when her shoelace broke. She had felt the need to get away. She had to get out of the X-Mansion and so she’d come here.

Kneeling amongst the roses, she tried to tie what was left of her lace. “Och!” she thought, “These roses are sae bonny, not like me at all, I feel like a thistle.”

But she was distracted by the sound of distant barking. It was coming from the woods by the lake.

Consumed by curiosity she ventures into the dark woods, shoelaces and roses forgotten. As she got closer to the barking, she began slowly to shift between wolf and girl. She only noticed her unwitting transformation as fur began to spread along the backs of her hands and her nails began to lengthen. “’Tis just as Reverend Craig said, I have nae self control, nae sense of what’s right and proper for a wee bairn.”

And then she saw them; the wolves running and playing among the autumn leaves. Paws ran out of boots, her nose lengthened and her limbs moved in odd half lupine, half human ways as she broke free from the prison of her clothing. She was free, free from whit Reverend Craig wuild say, free from the noise of the mansion. As she tumbled down the bank, she yelped for joy.

The pack were wary at first of this red-furred newcomer. But soon that was forgotten in hide-and-seek and chasing rabbits. They ran down gullies and across streams. She shock the leaf mould and water from her back, catching one of the pack much to universal delight. They sniffed out trails and ran from ramblers.

But soon it grew dark and as stars began to appear in the evening sky, it was time to return to the Mansion.

That night as she lay in her bed, she heard them call her. And her heart called back to them, her soul craved the friendship of the pack; but she knew she could not go.

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