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Dr Who Fiction by little-b

Welcome to little-b's fanfiction page. Fanfiction is in reverse order of publication (i.e. most recent first), except for the shorts.


Crossover with Hard Core Logo. Gen. 1600 words. PG13
Written for Tora K's birthday.
In the end, it's love

Death Is Just A Dream

Crossover with The Authority. Gen. 6500 words. PG-13
He stalked a dead woman, and now it turns out that the dead woman is stalking him back.

Fries With That?

Crossover with Due South. Jack/Ray Kowalski 2500words written for Guilietta. PG-13
Jack knew they called it the windy city, but this was ridiculous, the last time he'd been this cold was on Raxicollarthalpatorius, but he hadn't been wearing leather hot pants there.

Do Not Stand

Gen 1260 words. G. Jack Harkness, life and loss, and the faintest kiss of destiny.

Short Ficlets

All gen, suitable for all

Legacy The secret origin of Jack Harkness
Jack Harkness and the Killer Bunnies of Jupiter
Sidetrip to the Hellmouth Buffy crossover snippet
Statistics Romana wants to know why it is always her fault.

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