life began in the sea: stargate atlantis fiction

Miscellaneous Fiction by little-b

This is the place for all those lonely, homeless stories. One hit fandoms, as it were.

Wind Them Up And Let Them Go

Hard Core Logo R 900 words, rated by _unhurt_ as "not nice"

Billyís hands impossibly fast ghosting over the strings like the way he disassembles a gun again and again in Buckyís kitchen. The room is full of dead men and only he can see them. All of them died for him. And itís cool


Crossover between Hard Core Logo and Doctor Who/Torchwood. Gen. 1600 words. PG13
Written for Tora K's birthday.

In the end, it's love

Dreams of Nemesis And Ice Cream

Sandman gen. Morpheus broods, Death has ice-cream.

Superunderpants Last All Summer Long

SGA gen PG-13. 1300 words. Rodney finds the underpants of the Ancients!

Truth, Justice, and The Canadian Way

A Due South/American Gods fusionfic. What happened when Shadow stepped off the carousel

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