platypus: rather like rps

Real Person Fiction

Real Person Fiction, like the platypus, is a strange beast. Part real and part imagination. Let me put it this way, the stories below are about as "real" as a novel about how Princess Diana was really a warrior space princess. The warrior space princess in this metaphor might walk like these guys and might talk like these guys, but it is all fiction.

The traditional defence for such things is "satire", a word which might derive from a type of Roman sausage or a primative antipasta. This might tell you something about these stories, in that, like sausage, they are not intended to be taken seriously. Some of this is porn, about boys (who bear a startling ressemblance to certain Canadian actors of repute) getting their rocks off with other boys. Such stories are known as RPS, that is, Real Person Slash. Its non-pornographic cousin, also represented here, is by extention known as RPF, that is Real Person Fiction.

This is despite the people "involved" in this fiction not being terribly real or representative at all.

If you're squicked by the whole idea, I have plenty more fiction you could read instead.

Yes, I know that's a tediously long introduction, but I really don't like making people cry.

Methodology of Escapology

RPF: Callum accidentally chains himself to a fence.

Loves Cheese

RPF: in the short sequel to Methodology Dean doesn't quite come to Callum's rescue

The Rodeo RPS Thing

RPS NC17 Still in the Methodology "universe": "This is how the West was won, with Callum's ass and a lot of rope" Paul and Dean decide to teach Callum to ride

Other Boyfriends

RPS PG13: Paul wants to know why he's never met Callum's other boyfriends...

Real Person Slash(er Movie, Almost)

RPS R: Hugh discovers RPS, Callum invents a new form of yoga


RPS NC17 3400 words: Callum finds out about Hugh's head's depiliation.

Control Issues

RPS R ficlet: Hugh and Callum and bondage, oh my!

Paint, Art and Truth

RPS NC17 2000 words: Hugh and Callum and painting, bondage and hugging.

Without A Sound

RPS NC17 2000 words: Hugh and Callum and everything going sideways, but Hugh's already "sideways" so he's the only one with a clue.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

RPS NC17 2000 words Methodology "uinverse": Everything Callum owns is wet, Dean and Paul take advantage.


RPF PG-13 160 words: Hugh has an apartment, but he's never there

Achievable Nirvana

RPF PG-13 500words: These days it's all about achievable highs for Hugh.

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