Control Issues

"Callum, when the shrink said I had control issues and needed help to get over them, I don't think this is what she meant. For starter's she's a chick and has probably never had a single impure thought in her life..."

"Heel, Hugh," Callum tugs a little for emphasis.

"Okay, I'm heeling," Hugh grumbles. The collar's chafing enough already.

"Hugh, she's a shrink. They all have filthy minds. She probably thinks you want to fuck your mother."

"You motherfucking cunt!"

Callum tugs again, Hugh almost falls over, "My point exactly."

Hugh doesn't think he should be the only one off balanace, "Where did you learn this shit, Callum?" he so hopes Callum learnt this shit somewhere, he doesn't really want to be costaring in fucking amateur hour.

"Gimli. It's fuckass cold there and there's fuck all to do."

"You were working on a children's show you cunt."

A slight tug, and then Callum's in his face, "So I just should have sat in my freezing trailer watching cartoons and eating s'mores?"

Hugh shakes his head. Callum smiles.

Clearly Hugh has done something right for a change.

"Hey, keep it up and I'll show you what good boys get, Fido."

Okay, maybe "right" wasn't quite the word, but it's good enough.

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