Loves Cheese

Callum's boots, Ray's boots, Callum ain't too sure right now, but they're comfy and yeah, they are so going to be his at the end of filming. If they survive. Paul's crazier than ever, must be the having to play the pretty-boy (like he does otherwise) straight fucking arrow Mountie, so he plans craaaazy stunts.

And yeah, the dumbass practical jokes. 'Cause Callum took one sniff of the OJ at the van this morning, and yeah, decided to go with water. 'Cause it reeked of booze, and fresh-squeezed OJ so isn't worth getting off the bandwagon.

So, yeah, Callum smelled it. Dean clearly didn't. Which is why, in half-way Mountie drag, he's crouching on the back of his heels... 'cause he can't fucking deface the uniform, 'cause the Queen will be cross and Paul and the guy in wardrobe will murder him for the dry cleaning.

And he's talking about goddamned cheese.

And there really ain't enough get-Callum-off-this-fucking-fence for his liking.

And then, he starts undoing Callum's boots and Callum would do something about it, stop him, but he's too off balance, and if he tries he'll probably dislocate his shoulder, and Paul has more wacky wacky stunts planned for tomorrow.

And he starts licking Callum's toes, which is kind of ew. He keeps telling himself it's kind of ew.

He doesn't really like the alternative option, 'cause he don't do that sort of shit no more, he's on the fucking bandwagon.

And he wonders how strong whatever the fuck Paul put in the juice was, 'cause, yeah, how strong does it have to be for Dean to get into character and explore his love of cheese?

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