Can We Piece It Together?

Okay, this week's rec-post has a soundtrack. Of exactly one song. I think you can tell that I never really have got the "soundtrack" idea really. I own a grand total of two, the theatrical Rocky Horror and a copy of the Hard Core Logo soundtrack.

Any way, the song is that favourite of Callum/Hugh RPS bunnies, "And" by the Headstones.

(the section of fandom that does not get the Hugh Dillon thing should run and hide now, I'll tell you when it's safe again)

Okay, kids, lyrics, just in case Hugh gets too gravely:

Can we piece it together / simply want it to work / right where it's severed / we can conserve

Well it holds down neatly / everything it preserves / it belongs to us now / no longer need to be nursed

Let's not find the weakness / hit the bruise / what good would it do?

It belongs to us now / we can endure / no televisions / no longer need to be cured / and when we define it / it seems to conclude / it's right where we find it / it's right beside you

Let's not find the weakness / push the bruise / what good would it do? Let's not drag out the details / salt the wounds / what good would it do?

(okay, other kids, it's safe again)

What is it about this song that makes me think of due South? Not a lot, really. It's not really that pertinent to due South, the television show, even if it managed to squeeze Cubically Contained onto the soundtrack of Eclipsed. I kind of forgot to meantion I have the dS soundtracks as well (okay, so that's four) the result of which being that after not having seen it since the start of the Fraser/Kowalski material on the bbc, I sat down to watch the pilot and ended up singing along to Sibylla Ti Thelis. I'm sure somebody could spell it, but it's not me.

(It's Hth, writer of the incredible
Sibylla Ti Thelis
Vecchio/Stella Fraser/Kowalski

In which everything seems to be going wrong, with the bowling alley gig "being practically not like undercover at all" and Vecchio reading relationship books, after Stella had her midlife crisis in one afternoon and slowly begins to turn Italian. And the whole thing is based at once on lies and making thing right:

When the FBI called about Milankovich, he took the job without asking Stella, because he didn't need to ask Stella. It was in the beginning of December, and he thought of it kind of like an early Christmas present for her.

They were in Florida by New Year's.

This fic is clever and devious and shows Vecchio still trapped inside Langoustini while he thinks he's getting out. And at the same time trying to make the relationship with Stella work at the same time as making excuses and digging himself deeper). There's other things as well, other complications, including a dying man called Benton Fraser and one heck of a well crafted plot)

Okay, I go off on tangents that NASA wants to study. But what I'm saying is that this doesn't fit due South as a television show. Even in Mountie On The Bounty, there's no real risk that Fraser and Kowalski will split, it's pretty much signposted to us that the quest to find the Henry Allen etc etc will reaffirm their friendship. What it does fit, is due South as seen by a fan. Okay, specifically, a slasher, though I'd like to know what gen fen make of this and whether their emotional investment in the show is different. Essentially, this is not due South as seen, but due South as lived, as internalised. This is due South when we don't deal with superficialities but with the stuff underneath: subtext.

In the circles in which we move, "subtext" is pretty much shorthand for "slash", but it can be so much more, it can be motivation, it can be the thoughts we deduce going on beneath the surface. If we buy into the fiction. We aren't talking about the thoughts of the actors, the thoughts of the people we actually see. It would be an immature fallacy to suggest that Paul Gross's thoughts are Fraser's thoughts. As fans, we "believe" and we expand upon what we see in a way the average audience member doesn't (perhaps I shouldn't have read Henry Jenkins in last month's post-finals haze), we extrapolate entire histories for Ray and Stella's doomed relationship, we discuss the feasability of everything at the end of Call Of The Wild. We feed in emotion, and get emotion out. It's a closed system, a feedback loop, you name it.

And now back to the song. I'll get to the end of this thing eventually. *Proves self to be the ramblingest rec'cer ds_recs has ever had* The song is about desperately wanting things to work, needing things to work, and still undermining it, the way Ray Kowalski can push Fraser's buttons, the way he does push Fraser's buttons in Mountie On The Bounty, partly to try and make Fraser as angry as he is, and more than partly just because he can.

This was actually meant to be a rec post about relationship conflict and trying to make things work out, by the way.

Our first topic du meta will be the very simple, "can it work?" Starting with a couple of lessons in feasability of slash and "realism" within slash and the results of close adherence to canonical information.

Can't Get To There From Here by Auburn
Kowalski/Fraser R 12k

This is one of those tear your heart out and jump on it fics. Because, scarilly enough, it is "true" for a set value of "true". Fraser's problem is he loves everything, cares about everything, and the result is that he actually loves nothing. The sequel is also decidely worth reading.

Fairy Tales by Theodosia. Ray/Ray R short depressing

Okay, so against the odds we get Ray and Ray together only to fall apart by the dint of what one would expect from their sociological backgrounds. What's nice is that it isn't Ray Vecchio in denial.

(can somebody please tell which fic it is where Fraser comments on the sociology of the Ray's background and how he interpretted it as not receptive? Okay, that's probably half a dozen fics. Sorry.)

What You Can Get by Auburn (again)

This is one of those fics that has made a huge impression of me and I've spent a long time looking for (thanks to Bluebrocade. I don't have anything smart to say about this:

Like a couple of old married folks, that's us, except we aren't.

Because it's never quite enough. Neither of us can give the other everything we need.

So some nights it's me going out and some nights it's Fraser, looking for a one-night stand because neither one of us has enough left over to make anything work with someone else.

It hit, then: this was it. All there was, all there ever would be.

It's just the most real answer ever to what happens next.

Okay, back to suspension of disbelief time kiddies, before I kill you all with moping and angst-a-rama-a-rama. Now for some making things work. Or rather changing things so they work, or thinking that you're changing things so they'll work.

Beautiful Oblivion by hamlette
Kowalski/Turnbull Turnbull/m Vecchio/Fraser NC17 longmaclong and with elements of non-con and squickiness

This is pretty much the classic K/T fic and I think you should all read it. The relationship between Kowalski and Turnbull is wonderfully off-kilter and eventually the reasons become very clear and everything is painfully made clear as Turnbull's schizoid personality (that's a split one, schizoid should so not be confused with schizophrenic) and its origins are explored. One of the lovely things about this fic is that it can never quite be made right. But what I want to direct you to, in the context of this post is the relationship between Vecchio and the mostly absent Fraser (and Kowalski and Turnbull's attempts at getting them back together) and most of all, Vecchio's justifications for going to Vegas. To be worthy of Fraser. And then, his subsequent fall so very far from Grace.

My other rec is somewhat "softer" (for which read less harrowing, even in there is some reliance on the fandom trope of Turnbull's past abusive relationships and low self confidence)

Three Lone Lorn Creatures by Matthew Haldeman Time
Kowalski/Turnbull/Fraser NC17 not as long as Beautiful Oblivion but still long.

This is one of my favourite fics, it is wonderful comfort reading and, appropriately, hurt/comfort. It is also a realistic OT3 with ups and downs and Kowalski being the one who is desperately trying to make it work.

Okay, this post is eating my sanity, plus I'm feeling ick; so I'm finishing there. I would have liked to push you to some fic where there is serious button pushing and hurting the one you love: but there is so much to choose from anyway. Comment if you know something you think we should read, or if you want to squee about Hugh Dillon's lyrical qualities.

little-b buzzing off.

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