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New Fiction

This Land Was Made For You And Me

PG-13 Fraser/Kowalski 4500 words. Written for all the fangirls when things just aren't funny.

Ray can hear the far off honking of geese.
Come with us. Come with us. Come with us.

Also available as a pdf file: This Land Was Made For You And Me

New Novel Length Fiction

Episodic romance features in the Spring 2007 edition of the
Red Ships Green Ships e-zine

Fraser/Kowalski, R, 70,000 words, film students, dead gangsters, becoming Ray Vecchio, Old Chicago, and familiar faces.
Now available on my website: Episdoic Romance

Ray doesn't want to wake; he wants to drown in sleep. Sleep is cool and placid and leaches away every single thought, just as sure as the water sucked the warmth from his muscles in the Henry Allen. Ray doesn't want strong arms grasping him, or hot breath forced between his lips and into his lungs; Ray kicks and tries to wrench free. He wants to go back, dive back under, burrow under his comforter to find the serenity of the drowning. That still moment when nothing matters any more, because everything is certain and everything is a long and dreamless sleep. But the more Ray struggles, the more Ray tries to wrench free and have the current take him; the more aware Ray becomes. The more awake Ray becomes.


Do You Get Gooseberries In Canada?

PG-13 1400 words. Some unexpected visitors, poetry and two true romances.

Aliens (not quite) Made Them Do It

PG-13. Fraser and Ray get kidnapped by some very insistent aliens.

Something In The Water

R 2700 words. It turns out there really is something in the water...


NC-17 3000 words. Fundamental truths Fraser has learnt through taste.

The Futility Of Duty

PG-13. Bob Fraser meets an angel in the woods, who shows him how it might have been, save for the futility of duty.

Your hypothesis was in error, but your error was in voicing your hypothesis, which was, as I have stated, erroneous.

PG-13 Vecchio finds out, hilarity ensues as does a discussion of moose aerodynamics.


PG-13 Post-COTW deathfic.

Sometimes Ideas Just Bite You And They Don't Let Go

R 2700 words. Ray, on a job with Fraser that is literally for the birds, starts to think...

Hope Springs

G. A little snippet of Western AU, an angel comes for Sheriff Kowalski just as he needs one most.

Three Times Three Angels Falling Slowly From Grace

NC-17 4700 words and it really needs that rating.

He knows that love does not conquer all, it does not “vicit” but it “vincit”, it does not conquer but it binds you like a captive and steals away your eyes, your ears, your mind.


G 400 words. Love is being prepared, however much it hurts.


PG 13, 700 words.
Philately (noun): stamp collecting, the collection and study of postage stamps and related items.

Square Of The Hippopotamus

PG-13 1000 words. In the end, it all adds up.

Subliminal Messaging in the Use of Comforters in the Late Twentieth Century

NC-17 2192 words. Ray's comforter is mysterious, his mother is devious, and his boots are... Fraser's?

The Five Epiphanies Of Stanley Raymond Kowalski

PG-13 2600 words, written for Giulietta's birthday.

In Canada, even the milk mocked Ray.

Sunbeams out of Cucumbers but the Process Is Tedious

PG-13 1400words. Written for Miriel's birthday. Fraser's in Ottawa and Ray just can't sleep. With added cucumber

Floating islands are invariably Krakens

PG-13 Fraser/Kowalski 2800 words. Written for Moosesal in the dS Seekrit Santa 2006. Ray is on a submarine, no really.
Also available as a pdf file: Floating islands are invariably Krakens


No Kind Of Normal

PG-13 3500 words possibly preslash. Sometimes fathers can never make things right again.


Three Men In The Snow

PG-13 Comedy Deathfic 500 words. They'd always thought it would be Fraser dying in a wildly bizarre way

Two Men In A Cabin

R 2000 words. The sequel to Three Men In The Snow, the boys still seem to be in the wrong afterlife and smelling faintly of herring.

One Man And The Sea

NC-17 1400 words kinky. The sequel to Two Men In A Cabin, the boys still start filling in their time in the afterlife and receive a visitor at an inconvenient moment.

Never Christmas

NC-17 9000 words. Written for the due South Seekrit Santa 2005. With a seasonal dash of Ray/Ray/Fraser. Also available as a pdf.

Benny’s so far in the closet that he’s in fucking Narnia.

The Mermaids Are Singing

PG-13 2886 words.

Once upon a time, in faraway Cathay, there lived a woman whose voice was like birdsong.

Three's Company

The Untouchables

NC-17 c4000 words F/K/V. They are all in their way untouchable...

Window to the Soul

NC-17 5300 words F/K/T. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, what if they see something the soul doesn't like or likes too much?

Illinois Roadkill Cookbook

R/NC 17 4600 words, written for ToraK's birthday. Ray/Ray and Ray/Ray/Turnbull, in which a lot of things are compared to roadkill.

I wish I were a hunter

NC-17 2800 words Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio. For Aerye. Vegas buys you a lot of things, for instance, exorcists. But how do you exorcise Vegas?

Turnbull Fiction

The Amazing Story Of Ray, Ray, and Renfield

R 1500 words Turnbull/Kowalski. Sometimes people just don't quite fit their vocations, because they heard the wrong voice.

Renfield Turnbull's RCMP Diary

PG-13 Turnbull/Kowalski. No giant spiders here, sir.

The Illusion Of Reality

Gen. Turnbull's always seen things he wasn't meant to see, so he ignores them.

Gen Fiction

Moving Pictures

G. Fraser likes cinema


G AU. You can call me Ishmael...

Five Ways Francesca Vecchio Tried to Get a Date with Fraser, One Way She Didn’t, and How She Got Her Cake and Ate It

G-rated Gen 1300 words. Frannie tries to get dates with Fraser.

Crossover Fiction

Truth, Justice And The Canadian Way

Gen American Gods crossover.

And that was too cryptic, too crazy and Shadow turned his attention to the guy with him, the regular, normal guy with him.

Fries With That

Ray Kowalski/Jack Harkness Slash Doctor Who crossover 2500 words.

Jack knew they called it the windy city, but this was ridiculous, the last time he'd been this cold was on Raxicollarthalpatorius, but he hadn't been wearing leather hot pants there.

Short Fiction

Massive Page Of Little Stories

Hunting Written for Unhurt, the depressing post-COTW ficlet
Never Quite Boring Written for Bkuebrocade, PG-13 slash
Cabbage Written for Joandarck, Fraser-centric kidfic with added Uncle Tiberius
Family Written for Unhurt, Fraser on sibblings, possibly squick-worthy.
Pearls Before Swine Written for Joandarck, Inspector Thatcher muses
Scent Of Nostalgia Written for Unhurt, more cabbage
The Small Matter Of Broken Hearts Written for Kit Garcia, Fraser/Vecchio G
Allergic To Housework Written for missapocalyptic, Fraser/Kowalski G
The Non-Sexual Adventures Of Fraser's Hat Written for Maryavatar
Harem Pants Written for Maryavatar, Harem Pant crack R
Gold Gash Vermillion Written for Malnpudl, Fraser/Victoria and almost a ghost story
Perfection Is The Price Written for Broken Kite, Depressing, Fraser-centric unrequited f/k
Worlds End Written for the Due South Flashfiction Apocalypse challenge (no real worlds end)
Letter From Ray Written for Epistolary dS as basically fanfic for their incredible adventures
Compliments Written for Kit Garcia, Fraser/Kowalski PG-13, longer than most of these things
Frozen Penguin Seeks Agony Uncle Aunt Written for Aerye and Sheyheyred, Frannie/Huey with a touch of Kowalski/Gardino
Zombie Romance Written for Maryavatar, Fraser/Vecchio kind of.
Canadian Cream Tea Written for Unhurt, Ray/Ray Smut
Monsters Depressing kidfic double drabble
13:13 Deathfic! Ray/Ray and Fraser/Kowalski R

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