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This is where you can find no longer updated "works in progress".

X-Men Fiction

The Song of the Heir of Destiny

Basically, over-plotted yet perpetually-mutating occult-religious hybrid AU staring Priestly Nightcrawler, lots of ghosts from his past, the Church Of Humanity and okay, everyone eventually. A WIP and not a terribly actively updated one at that

The Prologue
Part First: The Darkness Without
Part Second: The Lady Appears
Part Third: Safety In Realms Infernal
Interlude One: The Demon Child
Part Fourth: The Cards We Are Dealt With
Interlude Two: The Lady Margali Recollects Before An Underappreciative Audience.
Part Five: Prophecy Girl
Part The Sixth: Vacant Possesion

Due South Fiction

Procedure Series

WIP: A series of drabbles, Fraser-centric Deathfic

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