benign parasite

Authority Fiction by little-b

Wildstorm Comic's own superteam; Jenny Sparks, Swift, The Engineer, The Doctor, Jack Hawksmore, and Apollo and the Midnighter. They are here to change the world, like it or not. They are the higher Authority

Apollo and the Midnighter are one of those elusive things, a canon gay couple. So there's a fair splash of slash in here.

Movie Night

R, 2700 words, slash.
Apollo and The Midnighter settle on a quiet night in on the carrier, only to have some problems with a DVD and some unbelievable imposters

The Ones You Love

R, 4500 words, slash, written for Minerva Solo.
The obligatory "Midnighter origin story" crossed with the obligatory "Midnighter's AIDS refernece explanation story", but probably a bit better than that sounds. And also rather mindfucky.

So Different From His Normal Brand

Apollo/Midnighter/Jeroen, NC17, 290 words.
Written to match vejiita4eva's fanart

Untitled Apollo and The Midnighter Fragment

PG-13, 1000 words, gen-ish.
How to use fight enhancements to analyse your breakfast

Death Is Just A Dream

New! Gen, 6500words, Alternate Universe.
Crossover with Torchwood/Dr Who. Jack meets Jenny on the other side, so what does he do when he comes back except look for her?

Bob Ross

New! Gen 230 words
Silly fic about Apollo's dabbles into art. Written for Whatistigerbalm.

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