Bob Ross

This was written for Whatistigerbalm, upon ponderances about Apollo's sudden transformation into arts and crafts bunny

Apollo rumaged through his art box. He had been enjoying all the being creative with paint stuff when Jenny was small. Unfortunately, Jenny seemed less than keen now, and when she saw the paintings on the refrigerator she tore them down screaming, "Why the fuck? I live on a giant sentinent space ship! Why have four windows and smoke coming out the fucking chimney!". Once upon a time, they'd got up early to have sex. Now, he woke up to find Midnighter hadn't been back to the Carrier. He'd sat in bed watching television, trying to find something that didn't remind him too much of his husband. International football... no... ice skating... no... road runner cartoons... no. He kept on flicking channels what else did he have to do except jerk off? And he was so not in the mood for that when a voice started showing him happy little mountains with happy little trees and happy little lakes. That was it. Apollo doored into a twenty-four hour art emporium in Tokyo and asked to borrow an easel. He signed autographs for half a dozen catgirls, wearing his sleep pants and an easy smile. He went back to the Carrier and sorted his paints. Now, what to paint? How about a happy little hillside with some happy little ninjas and a happy little Apollo and the Midnighter?

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