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I'm female, English, and frankly over-educated. If you really want to investigate the inner workings of my mind, I suggest you read my livejournal


I suppose it's just about possible that you got here without knowing about fanfiction. As the name implies, this is fiction written by fans for fans. It's pretty much not for profit, because the fans do not actually own the rights to the characters. Some authors/production companies/etc aren't all that happy about fanfiction. They fail to realise that the creation of fanfiction is an act of love for the original work and also that it's fairly unlikely that somebody would read fanfiction without obtaining the original media.

Slash? Gen? Het? You guys speak another language.

I guess we do. An incredibly complete guide to pretty much every term under the sun is here. I'm just going to run you through a couple:

Short for general fiction. May or may not be true to the original media, the important bit is that it concentrates on general dramatic themes. Romantic relationships can happen, but at a background level. Example: Superman and Lois Lane investigate a forgery ring run by Lex Luthor
Concentrating on heterosexual romance or erotica. There might be a gen b-plot, but the romance is the over-whelming flavour. Example: Lois Lane tells Superman to be more spontaneous and romantic...
Concentrating on (mostly male) homosexual relationships or erotica. Like het, there may be a b-plot but it's not the main thing. Example: Batman tells Superman to be more spontaneous and romantic...

Romantic pairings are normally indicated by a oblique stroke regardless of whether the pairing is het or slash. I write mostly slash and gen, varying on what I feel like. Your millage may differ

What are you doing with those movie ratings?

Fanfiction is often posted with a rating to broadly categorise content. The idea is both give the reader some idea of what to expect and warn of anything that the reader might not like. The most commonly used "system" is the American movie rating system:

is suitable for all audiences
is a little harder than G and might have the odd minor swear word
is a bit more violent or has some soft-focus sex scenes, or has more swearing
tends to be short hand for more explicit sexual interation or more violence, however the distinction between an R and a NC-17 is rather blurry in fannish circles. One person's R is another's NC-17. Generally, the classification is done on feel.

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