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Welcome to little-b's fanfiction page. If you nothing about fanfiction, I suggest you go to the about page. Some of the content here is not suitable for a family audience, so I'm trusting you to use your discretion. Material is clearly rated according to American Movie classification ratings.

Due South Fiction

The continuing adventures of a Mountie, his deaf wolf and two very different cops called Ray.

X-Men Fiction

Comicverse fiction featuring the X-Men and their universe.

Dr Who Fiction

Time travel with a grieving Timelord, a savvy London shopgirl, and an omnisexual former Time Agent.

Authority Fiction

Apollo and The Midnighter fight dirty and make love and war.

Sentinel Fiction

Blair's writing his thesis, Jim's senses are out of control, together they fight crime and do guided meditation.

'Real Person' Fiction

The wacky wacky adventures of those Canadian actors

Miscellaneous Fiction

Lonely stray fandoms: currently, American Gods, Sandman and Stargate Atlantis


Home of the dead works in progress. Mostly X-men fiction.

Meta ten Byblon

Random meta and essays, with a handful of recs thrown in for good measure

My Livejournal

My ramblings, latest fiction, boring and turgid personal life and 57 varieties of "squee". So, just the basic fangirl LJ then.


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